Tuesday, May 5, 2015

EnCase v7 EnScript to Parse PST Email Metadata to Excel

A friend recently asked me for an easy way to export some of the common metadata from a PST file within EnCase. You can easily export data from the records view and even include columns that are not typically displayed by selecting the small down-arrow on the far right side and select the columns you want displayed:

But he wanted a way to quickly show some of the common fields, including attachments, in a spreadsheet. This EnScript grabs some of the common fields and builds an Excel spreadsheet automatically:

This EnScript requires Microsoft Excel be installed on the same computer where it is run from. When run, the EnScript will parse all .PST file found in the case.

 Download here


Unknown Thursday, 07 May, 2015  

I can see the EnScript being handy to get just the columns you want. For most cases, I prefer to use the "Save As" option directly above the "Column" option you highlighted. I can get everything there, filter by rows checked, and then manipulate the exported csv as needed after the fact (in Excel). Thanks Lance!

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