Thursday, February 11, 2010

Forensic Practical #3 - An *excellent* submission

This is a follow up to the Forensic Practical #3

I was contacted via email by Brian Perkins (EnCE) with his answers to Forensic practical #3 I posted a few weeks ago. After reviewing the paper he submitted, I was so impressed that I asked him if I could post it here for others to read and benefit from. Daniel Walton was the first and only person to submit the correct answer to that practical, but Brian's explanation and documentation of his process is very impressive and an excellent reference.

Many thanks to Brian for sharing his knowledge and his process so others can benefit and learn.

You can read his submission here.

EnScript to make thumbnail photos from video files in EnCase

Awhile back I posted an EnScript to create thumbnail photos from video file(s) inside of EnCase. You can read the original post here. There may be many different reasons you want to create thumbnails from video files inside EnCase, one of the most common being to quickly review the video in thumbnail format for relevance.

I was recently contacted via email from a reader who also created an EnScript to create thumbnails from video files inside EnCase using Mplayer and VLC.

Here is a description from Oliver Höpli:

The EnPack uses the Mplayer and the VLC- Player to create the thumbnails. It also adds this thumbnails to a LEF that can be processed in EnCase.

You can download the EnScript here.

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