Thursday, February 11, 2010

EnScript to make thumbnail photos from video files in EnCase

Awhile back I posted an EnScript to create thumbnail photos from video file(s) inside of EnCase. You can read the original post here. There may be many different reasons you want to create thumbnails from video files inside EnCase, one of the most common being to quickly review the video in thumbnail format for relevance.

I was recently contacted via email from a reader who also created an EnScript to create thumbnails from video files inside EnCase using Mplayer and VLC.

Here is a description from Oliver Höpli:

The EnPack uses the Mplayer and the VLC- Player to create the thumbnails. It also adds this thumbnails to a LEF that can be processed in EnCase.

You can download the EnScript here.


Oliver Wednesday, 24 February, 2010  

First of all.. thanks to Lance for posting my script in his blog.

The script should help examiners to decrease there investigation time on video files. It is not as good as other commercial versions of similar programs but its a small and quick way to preview videos. The great advantage of the script is that you could process the videos directly in EnCase and afterwords create a proper EnCase-Report out of them.

A small note to the EnPack. Because i'm using some basic operating system commands in the script it will proper work on english or german operating systems. If you use another language pack the script could run into trouble.

Anonymous Friday, 09 April, 2010  

Thanks for the script - very professional.

I would like to know what sort of success rate others have had with the script.

I ran it last night for the first time. I selected 52 video files on a suspects machine - all downloaded with LimeWire. 37 of these gave errors and did not produce any thumbnails. 15 created thumbnails, but 9 of these had the same picture for the whole video. These were all avi files, but another avi file had worked ok.

The program would be great if it was possible to increase the success rate.

I understand that it is very difficult to create still pictures from videos. I would like to try some things myself. I am not trying to steal your work, but what commands are used with vlc and mplayer to make the thumbnails? How do you decide to use mplayer or vlc?


John B

Lance Mueller Friday, 09 April, 2010  

Make sure you have the codecs installed for all the types of videos you are trying to create thumbnails for.

See this post:

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