Thursday, August 16, 2007

Import a text file of Hash values into a EnCase hash set.

In July, I posted an EnScript that I wrote to import a text file containing the name, size and hash value of file(s) into a EnCase hash set (You can read it here).

I have modified the EnScript to import a simple text file containing just hash values. This was based on a request by a reader and it was a simple chage to make. This new version now imports a simple ASCII text file containing one hash value per line:


The EnScript will create a .hash file in your default export folder that can then be copied into your EnCase\Hash Sets\ folder and used inside EnCase.

Download Here (v5 & v6)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

EnScript to list wireless SSIDs the computer has connected to.

This is a real simple EnScript designed to parse the Wireless SSID information from the registry and list all SSIDs, along with the date field to the console Tab:

This should correspond to what the user would see in the list of preferred networks recently connected to on the live machine:

Download EnScript Here
Download EnPack Here

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