Friday, August 7, 2009

Maine State Police CP Project

A few months ago I posted an EnScript and some information about a project by Sgt. Glenn Lang of the Maine Sate Police. You kind find the original post here and EnScript.

Sgt. Lang asked me to post the following message:
Flint Waters and the folks at the Wyoming ICAC have tied our Harvester into their Tool Kit.

Its only been active for a short time, but it has already generated over 40,000 key words to be used in searching for contraband on suspect media.

While I am culling the key words into usable lists I have created a new one from the big list with 265 grep key words that are from some of the most frequently seen CP movies.

If you are interested in this list send me an e-mail and indicate where you are from.

All other items related to this project can be downloaded here:
User: Guest2
Password: HasHerGL (it is case sensitive)

Sgt. Glenn Lang
Supervisor / ICAC Commander
Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit
15 Oak Grove Rd. Vassalboro, Maine 04989
Phone (207) 877-8081
Fax (207) 877-8091

The Top 265 hex keywords are posted here


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