Friday, December 21, 2007

Some damn funny forensic humor

A friend of mine who has a private forensic consulting firm received a phone call today from a guy who started rambling on talking all sorts of crazy talk. After hanging up on the guy, he proceeded to call back about 20 times and eventually left three voice mail messages.

The only editing I did was to remove his phone number from the recordings and part of his name to protect the innocent, guilty, mentally insane or heavily drugged..

Those of you in LE know these types of calls are pretty common to dispatch, etc. But these just struck me as "extra" funny!

Warning: There is some profanity in the messages. Also be sure and empty your bladder before listening.

Listen at your own risk:

Voice Message1
Voice Message2
Voice Message3


Anonymous Tuesday, 08 January, 2008  

Haaaa… these are hilarious Lance!

Mark Saturday, 16 February, 2008  


Those remind me of the calls I used to get at the PD. The last one was a woman who said she was being spied on because she took the Zenith VCR apart and found a Samsung chip inside. I'm sure it was just more "airforce technology". :)

Mark J.

Shannon Tuesday, 30 November, 2010  

I love the "suction cup forehead technology"...this guy gives the Air Force way too much credit!!!

Thanks Lance!!

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